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[Health Service Executive] "Take Care” Alcohol Misuse Prevention Project. (06 Jul 2011)

Alcohol consumption amongst young people especially ‘binge drinking’ is a serious problem in Ireland. Ireland is one of ten European countries taking part in a new innovative EU funded Alcohol Misuse Prevention Project.

The HSE Health Promotion Department in Dublin North East in conjunction with Cavan VEC has commenced piloting the new innovative Alcohol Misuse Prevention Project entitled ‘Take Care’ in Co. Cavan.

The ‘Take Care’ project is mainly targeted at youths between 12 and 21 years who are often unaware of the dangers and risks involved in the inappropriate consumption of alcohol. The project is aimed at encouraging them to adhere to the provisions set in national laws and at hindering alcohol consumption before the set minimum age of 18 years.

Fifteen young people from Co. Cavan between the ages of 12 and 21 participated in the innovative pilot project which took place over four days at Tanagh Activity Centre. The adventure based R.O.P.E training (Risk, Optimisation and Peer Education) is a challenging outdoor personal development and team building activity. The course provides the participants with the opportunity to test their limits through fun and adventurous activities like kayaking and indoor rock climbing and helps the participants strengthen their risk competence. On completion of this pilot the project will be offered to an additional 40 young people in Co. Cavan.

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