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[Oireachtas] Dail Eireann debate. Written answer 417 - National Drugs Strategy [11719/11]. (17 May 2011)

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417.  Deputy Seán Crowe asked the Minister for Justice and Equality if as part of the wider national drug strategy he will agree to use the Criminal Assets Bureau to strip gangs of their assets and follow through on the public promises of his predecessor to include front-line and middle-ranking drug dealers in this targeted response. [11719/11]

Minister for Justice and Equality (Deputy Alan Shatter): The work of the Criminal Assets Bureau is central to tackling serious and organised crime, including drug trafficking and other drug related criminal activity. The Bureau is being actively utilised to identify and target funds accumulated by those involved in drug related activity, in order to seize such assets and to deprive those involved of the profits of their criminal activity.

A dedicated unit within the Garda National Drugs Unit has been established to liaise with the Criminal Assets Bureau to particularly target those criminals and criminal groups believed to be deriving profits and assets from drug-related criminal activity.


In addition, the Criminal Assets Bureau continues to utilise the services of criminal assets profilers located in Garda Divisions throughout the country. The Bureau uses the valuable local knowledge supplied to them by these profilers to target the assets of known drug dealers in local communities.


The role of the Criminal Assets Bureau in tackling those involved in drug dealing, and the Bureau’s focus on middle and lower ranking criminals, was acknowledged during the public consultation process which informed the development of the National Drugs Strategy 2009-2016

It should also be noted that the Programme for Government includes a number of commitments in relation to drug misuse, including a commitment to strengthen the supply reduction effort and criminal assets seizures, particularly at local level. In addition, proactively targeting drug trafficking and low level street dealing is a key action of the Garda Síochána Policing Plan for 2011. I can assure the Deputy that the Criminal Assets Bureau will continue to play its part in tackling those who seek to profit from drug dealing in our communities.
Written Answers – National Drugs Strategy
Tuesday 17 May 2011
Vol 732 No 3

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