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[Irish Medical Times] , Connors, Aoife HSE accused of U-turn on drug treatment. (26 May 2011)

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HSE management have been accused of reneging on an agreement to negotiate proposed changes to the Dublin Mid-Leinster and Dublin South West addiction services with GPs Specialising in Substance Abuse (GPSSA), Irish Medical Times has learned.

The HSE has gone to the Joint Review Group under the Public Service Agreement, having recently done a U-turn on its original willingness to negotiate with GPSSA through the IMO.

IMT understands that IMO Assistant IR Director Shirley Coulter received a letter from HSE management, 10 days after an agreement to negotiate with GPSSA had been struck, stating that the Executive had gone to the joint review group with the proposed changes.

Dr Garrett McGovern, a Dublin GPSSA, told IMT that HSE management will now push all of the changes through ”without any discussion, analysis, and no meaningful dialogue”.

The HSE is proposing the amalgamation of addiction services and the closure of evening clinics, with a subsequent increase in the length of the daytime clinics in the Dublin Mid-Leinster and Dublin South West area under the transformation agenda of the Public Service Agreement.


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