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Regional Drug Coordination Unit HSE Mid-West. (2010) NDRIC pilots. Regional Drug Coordination Unit HSE Mid-West.

PDF (NDRIC report)

The key recommendations are:
1. Rehabilitation can only be delivered effectively through an inter-agency approach based on a continuum of care that operates within the context of enhanced case management and a quality standards framework. The development of protocols for inter-agency working, with service level agreements between agencies and co- ordination by rehabilitation co-ordinators, is required.

2. An adequate level of treatment provision is central to rehabilitation. An expansion of the range of treatment options, including an increase in the number of residential detoxification beds, for recovering drug users is essential. The HSE led Working Group on Residential Treatment/Rehabilitation should consider the issue of treatment provision and make detailed recommendations in this regard.

3. The impact of Community Employment on rehabilitation should be built upon by complementary support and involvement from the HSE, the Department of Education and Science and relevant agencies to ensure that the health and educational needs of participants are being properly addressed during their period of participation, as well as pre and post such participation.

4. The housing, childcare, educational and health needs and the employment opportunities of recovering drug users should be addressed through specific initiatives.

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