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Pavee Point Drugs Programme. (2011) Traveller Drug Network workshop report. Dublin: Pavee Point Travellers Centre.

PDF (Traveller Drug Network: workshop report) - Published Version

This report consolidates the feedback from each of the workshops following BeLonG To’s presentation on LGBT young people and the Gay Pavee Forum. Future actions to be considered by the Traveller Drug Network to progress the issues raised will also be put forward.

Seven questions were asked of each group with key points from the discussions being recorded. For brevity reasons, the responses have been themed in order of frequency2.

The seven questions examined were:
1.1- Do you feel LGBT Travellers are supported enough by services and the Traveller community? How?
1.2 – What challenges do LGBT Travellers face when coming out?
1.3 – What positive changes would you like to see happen so that LGBT Travellers feel supported?
1.4 - Do you know any LGBT Travellers? How many? How many do you think there are?
1.5 - Why do you think being gay is different for Travellers compared with settled people?
1.6 – How can LGBT Pavees Forum support Travellers who are gay?
1.7 – What could make it easier for LGBT Travellers to disclose their sexuality to your service?

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