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Walker, Janet and Donaldson, Cam (2011) Intervening to improve outcomes for vulnerable young people: a review of the evidence. London: Department of Education. Research report DFE-RR078.

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Concerns about the number of young people who fail to reach their potential at school, or get into trouble, or are not in education, employment or training (NEET), underpin the continuing commitment to end child poverty in the UK by 2020, and the Coalition Government’s pledge to increase the focus on supporting the neediest families and those with multiple problems. A strong policy commitment to improving the life chances of vulnerable young people has in recent years led to the testing of a number of initiatives.

This review sought to identify: the common barriers to the effective implementation of new initiatives; elements of effective practice in the delivery of multi-agency services for vulnerable young people and their families; the costs associated with integrated service delivery; the outcomes that can be achieved; and whether fewer and more targeted initiatives might offer better value for money, particularly during a period of fiscal reform.

•Introduction to the Review
•Identifying and Assessing Vulnerable Young People
•Multi-Agency Working: Innovations in the Delivery of Support Services
•Delivering Interventions and Improving Outcomes for Young People
•Assessing Value for Money in Interventions To Improve Outcomes for Young People
•Looking to the Future: Defining Elements of Effective Practice

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