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Mid-America Addiction Technology Transfer Center. [ATTC Network] (2011) Psychotherapeutic medications 2011: what every counselor should know. Kansas: Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network. 52 p.

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• Generic and brand medication names
• Purpose
• Usual dose and frequency
• Potential side effects
• Emergency conditions
• Cautions
• Substance use disorders treatment medications

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The Rx Database www.findrxinformation.org is designed as a "desk-top reference" of medications commonly prescribed in the treatment of persons with alcohol, drug and mental health conditions.

This American searchable database offers up-to-date information on generic and brand name medications. It is intended to provide a basic understanding of medication dose, frequency, side effects, emergency conditions, abuse potential, cautions and considerations for pregnant women.

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Publisher:Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network
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Edition:8th edition
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