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Rafiq, A and O'Hanlon, M (2010) An audit of incomplete involuntary admissions to an approved Irish centre. Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine , 27 , (3) , pp. 143-147.

With the implementation of the Mental Health Act 2001 (M HA 2001) in November 2006, there was an expectation of reduction in the overall involuntary admission rate, particularly as those with a sole diagnosis of substance misuse were specifically excluded from the definition of mental disorder. The aim of this audit cycle was to ascertain this rate and to audit the process of the referral, transfer, assessment and subsequent management of the patients whose admission orders were not completed by the consultant psychiatrists (Cps) following referral for involuntary admission to an approved centre. In addition, the authors wished to ascertain if the recommendations of Audit 2003 were implemented.

Method: The Audit 2003 analysed all Temporary Patient Reception Orders sent to an approved centre in the year 2003 but whose admission orders were not completed by the CP. A protocol was drawn up to elicit information. The Re-Audit in 2008 used the same protocol. The duration of the Re-Audit was 01.11.06-31.10.07. The results were analysed using SPSS 12.

Results: There is no change in the involuntary referral rate to the approved centre in Longford/Westmeath since the new legislation was enacted. The CP continues to refuse to make an order in one in three cases. Patients with a sole diagnosis of alcohol misuse continue to be referred for involuntary admission but are now presenting sober on admission. There also appears to be an increased rate of incorrectly filled forms by GPs. Conclusions: This audit indicates a need for more training for GPs and Gardai in the MHA 2001 and filling of forms.


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