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[Dial to Stop Drug Dealing] What is Dial to Stop Drug Dealing? (09 Feb 2011)

Anyone with information relating to drug dealing should call in confidence to the Dial To Stop Drug Dealing Freephone on 1800 220 220.

You Dial, We Act.
• We won’t ask your name
• We won’t record your number
• We won’t trace your call

The people who supply dangerous drugs “the big dealers” up the line are devastating innocent lives and destroying families and communities. Normal people can be left feeling fearful, powerless and frustrated. Now there’s something you can do.¦ It’s simple and effective. It’s safe and anonymous.

Success to date!
There have been over 9,000 calls to the line since 2008, and these have led to over 2,500 reports to the Garda National Drugs Unit. This great bank of community intelligence has helped gardai¬ build numerous criminal cases against known individuals, has helped identify suspects – and has led to some significant seizures and arrests under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

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