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Roelands, Marc (2010) Monitoring illicit drug use among female sex workers in Europe, 2000-2008. In: Scientific report 2008/2009. Brussels: Scientific Institute of Public Health. pp. 35-40. D/2010/2505/52.

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Popular beliefs as well as opinions from medical staff have suggested a relationship between illicit drug use (hereafter referred to as “drug use”) and sex workers (SW). From a public health perspective, it is important to investigate its validity, as decision makers in the field of prevention and treatment need to have a clear view on the needs of this vulnerable group, in order to provide the necessary services. Drug use among SW can endanger their health as it interferes with safe sex practices and can facilitate physical and mental abuse, and violence. Moreover, unsafe injecting drug use (IDU) is a risk factor for the spread of infectious diseases to the general population. The aims of this study were to describe the current status regarding the monitoring of illegal drug use among SW in European countries and to present an overview of the prevalence estimates.

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