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International Centre for Alcohol Policies. (2010) A guide to evaluating prevention programs. Washington, USA: International Center for Alcohol Policies.

PDF (A guide to evaluating prevention programs)

This Toolkit is intended for those working in the beverage alcohol industry—producers, trade associations, and social aspects organizations (SAOs)—who are currently undertaking or planning to undertake programs to prevent alcohol-related harm.

The Toolkit provides an overview of what is involved in evaluating prevention programs, laying out the necessary steps and identifying different available options.

Pages:32 p.
Publisher:International Center for Alcohol Policies
Corporate Creators:International Centre for Alcohol Policies
Place of Publication:Washington, USA
Subjects:N Communication, information and education > Recommendations or guidelines
B Substances > Alcohol
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Prevention programme or service
VA Geographic area > United States
MP-MR Policy, planning, economics, work and social services > Programme planning, implementation, and evaluation > Programme evaluation
R Research > Research and evaluation method

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