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Nelson, Mairea (2007) Find out who’s doing what in alcohol and drug research. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 22, Summer 2007, p. 28.

Anyone with access to the Internet can now find out at the click of a mouse who’s doing what in problem alcohol and drug use research in Ireland. The National Documentation Centre on Drug Use (NDC) is compiling an online register of current research and evaluation (CRED) in the area of drug use, problem alcohol use and related fields in Ireland. The NDC is also compiling a Directory of Researchers and Evaluators currently conducting research in these fields.

NDC staff identify research projects by contacting all major research and evaluation institutions, researchers and evaluators in the field of drug misuse, and by searching relevant websites. The CRED database records the title of each project, its aims, the research or evaluation methods used, the names of commissioning bodies, funding details and the names of the researchers and evaluators involved in the project. The database only includes details of current projects. Completed projects will be placed in an archive and will no longer be publicly displayed. The aim of CRED is to provide a comprehensive overview of ongoing research in the area of alcohol and drug use.

CRED is an important tool for researchers and evaluators as it can help: increase awareness of the work they are doing among a wide audience identify individuals working in areas of mutual interest find other similar projects and minimise duplication of effort streamline the search for relevant information identify potential funders and commissioning bodies.

Once a contributor registers with this service they can submit their own projects, update them and edit their profiles at their ease. This database is a growing resource and we will continue to add new or existing projects as we receive them. We welcome on-line submissions of suitable material for inclusion in this database. Please contact mnelson@hrb.ie for further information, or visit our website at www.ndc.hrb.ie

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Issue 22, Summer 2007
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