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Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. (2005) Substance abuse treatment: group therapy. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series, No. 41.

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This TIP, Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy, presents an overview of the role and efficacy of group therapy in substance abuse treatment planning. The goal of this TIP is to offer the latest research and clinical findings and to distill them into practical guidelines for practitioners of group therapy modalities in the field of substance abuse treatment. The TIP describes effective types of group therapy and offers a theoretical basis for group therapy’s effectiveness in the treatment of substance use disorders. This work also will be a useful guide to supervisors and trainers of beginning counselors, as well as to experienced counselors. Finally, the TIP is meant to provide researchers and clinicians with a guide to sources of information and topics for further inquiry.

• Consensus Panel
• KAP Expert Panel and Federal Government Participants
• Foreword
• Executive Summary
• 1 Groups and Substance Abuse Treatment
• 2 Types of Groups Commonly Used in Substance Abuse Treatment
• 3 Criteria for the Placement of Clients in Groups
• 4 Group Development and Phase‐Specific Tasks
• 5 Stages of Treatment
• 6 Group Leadership, Concepts, and Techniques
• 7 Training and Supervision
• Appendix A: Bibliography
• Appendix B: Adult Patient Placement Criteria
• Appendix C: Sample Group Agreement
• Appendix D: Glossary
• Appendix E: Association for Specialists in Group Work Best Practice Guidelines
• Appendix F: Resource Panel
• Appendix G: Cultural Competency and Diversity Network Participants
• Appendix H: Field Reviewers

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International, Guideline, Report, Protocol
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All substances
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Treatment method, Psychosocial treatment method
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Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series, No. 41
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Place of Publication
Rockville, MD
The Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series are best-practice guidelines for the treatment of substance abuse. CSAT's Division of Services Improvement draws on the experience and knowledge of clinical, research, and administrative experts to produce the TIP Series, which are distributed to a growing number of facilities and individuals across the country. These can be accessed through the publisher link.
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