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International Narcotics Control Board. [United Nations Information Service] INCB reviews the problem of illicit drug markets and corruption. (01 Nov 2010)

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VIENNA, 1 November (UN Information Service) - An analysis of the inter-linkages between corruption and illicit drug markets is a highlight of the 99th session of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). The session is presently underway in Vienna and will close on 12 November 2010.

The first chapter of the Board's Annual Report 2010 will focus on corruption and illicit drug markets, a key area requiring action in the fight against illicit drug production, trafficking and abuse. According to the President of the Board, Professor Hamid Ghodse: "Corruption undermines global efforts in the fight against the illicit drug problem. Powerful and wealthy organized crime groups corrupt and intimidate public officials, who facilitate the illicit drug trade. We see many examples where violence and corruption are deeply entrenched in illicit drug markets. Without addressing this vicious circle of corruption and the illicit drug trade, international drug control efforts will never be fully successful."

The Board will also pay special attention in its Annual Report to the issue of availability of controlled substances for scientific and medical requirements, in particular for the treatment of pain and mental illness. During the session, the Board's Standing Committee on Estimates will examine the supply and demand of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances used for medical purposes. The Committee will assess national requirements for licit drugs for each country in order to ensure access to these substances for medical purposes worldwide....


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