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Celia, Claire and Diepeveen, Stephanie and Ling, Tom [RAND] . (2010) The European Alcohol and Health Forum first monitoring progress report. Santa Monica, CA: Rand. 88 p.

PDF (RAND European Alcohol and Health Forum. First report) - Published Version
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The European Alcohol and Health Forum was launched in June 2007 following the adoption by the European Commission in October 2006 of the EU strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm. It began as a stakeholder platform of 50 founding members from production and sales organisations, media and advertising organisations, NGOs that work to limit alcohol-related harm, research organisations, professional bodies and others. Membership of the Forum is voluntary and members are expected to commit formally and publicly to concrete actions to reduce alcohol-related harm. These concrete actions are referred to as 'commitments'. Each commitment must be put in writing in a standardised commitment form, which also includes monitoring information. Such information includes details of the objectives of the commitments, resources allocated to them and outputs produced, as well as dissemination of the results of the commitments alongside other information.

• Chapter One: Introduction
• Chapter Two: Overview of monitoring reports
• Chapter Three: Method used for monitoring quality assessment
• Chapter Four: Results of monitoring quality assessment
• Chapter Five: Conclusions
• Appendix A: List of all monitoring reports submitted by Forum members in 2009
• Appendix B: Monitoring report template

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