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[EMCDDA] (2012) Best Practice Portal: Harm reduction interventions for smoking and inhaling drug use. Lisbon: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

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The EMCDDA's best practice portal refers to the current evidence on the effectiveness of the available harm reduction options for non-injecting routes of administration.

Intranasal forms of drug consumption include inhaling the vapour of a heated substance (chasing), spraying dissolved drug into the nose, or snorting a drug in powder form. Smoking is another way of administering drugs, whereby the fumes of burning drugs are inhaled into the lungs.

In this section we present the current evidence base for harm reduction interventions. It should be noted that the available literature often studies only one intervention at a time, so, where available, we provide pooled results or narrative conclusions from studies of specific interventions. However, it has been pointed out that, given that only the combination of interventions seems to have an effect (Hickman, 2010), considering the evidence for each intervention in isolation fails to give a true picture. And as harm reduction interventions are public health interventions which address whole communities, their effectiveness is influenced by environmental conditions which needs to be taken into consideration when planning a strategy. Because of this, for more complete information on harm reduction strategies, it is important to refer to the specialised literature.

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Drug Type:Cannabis, Inhalents and solvents, Cocaine
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Date:May 2012
Publisher:European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
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