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Texas Institute of Behavioural Research at TCU. Day, E and Best, David and Bartholomew, Norma G and Dansereau, DF and Simpson, D Dwayne (2008) Routes to recovery mapping tool. Birmingham: University of Birmingham.

PDF (Routes to recovery: summary)

External website: http://www.nta.nhs.uk/toolkits.aspx

A pioneering new tool for clinicians to promote behaviour change in drug-dependent clients. Extensive research has shown that this easy-to-use and innovative technique – which enables drug workers to visually represent their clients’ thinking in a series of personal maps – improves the engagement and motivation of drug misusers.

Routes to recovery:
• executive summary
• part 1 - ITEP: an introduction
• part 2 - the ITEP manual
• part 3 - BTEI: a fresh perspective on delivering 'talking therapies'
• part 4 - BTEI: care planning manual
• part 5 - BTEI: exiting treatment manual
• part 6 - BTEI: building motivation manual
• Part 7 - BTEI: getting motivated to change
• Case study - Birmingham Treatment Effectiveness Initiative (BTEI)

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University of Birmingham
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Texas Institute of Behavioural Research at TCU
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