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Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. (1999) Treatment for stimulant use disorders. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 33.

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This treatment improvement protocol presents information on the nature and extent of cocaine and methamphetamine abuse, and translates findings from clinical studies into practical treatment guidelines.

• Editorial Advisory Board
• Consensus Panel
• Foreword
• Executive Summary and Recommendations
• Chapter 1—Introduction
• Chapter 2—How Stimulants Affect the Brain and Behavior
• Chapter 3—Approaches to Treatment
• Chapter 4—Practical Application of Treatment Strategies
• Chapter 5—Medical Aspects of Stimulant Use Disorders
• Chapter 6—Treatment Issues for Special Groups and Settings
• Appendices

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Publication Type
International, Report, Protocol
Drug Type
CNS stimulants
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Drug therapy, Treatment method, Psychosocial treatment method
Identification #
Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 33
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Corporate Creators
Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Place of Publication
Rockville, MD
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HRB (Electronic Only)
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