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Daley, Dennis C and Mercer, Dr Delinda and Carpenter, Gloria [NIDA] . (2002) Counseling for cocaine addiction: the collaborative cocaine treatment study model. Bethesda, MD: National Institute on Drug Abuse. Therapy Manuals for Drug Addiction. Manual 4.

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To ensure that treatment providers apply the most current scientifically supported approaches to their patients, NIDA has supported the development of the “Therapy Manuals for Drug Addiction” series. This series reflects NIDA’s commitment to rapidly applying basic findings in real life settings. The manuals are derived from those used efficaciously in NIDA-supported drug abuse treatment studies. They are intended for use by drug abuse treatment practitioners, mental health professionals, and all others concerned with the treatment of drug addiction.

The manuals present clear, helpful information to aid drug treatment practitioners in providing the best possible care that science has to offer. They describe scientifically supported therapies for addiction and give guidance on session content and how to implement specific techniques. Of course, there is no substitute for training and supervision, and these manuals may not be applicable to all types of patients nor compatible with all clinical programs or treatment approaches. These manuals should be viewed as a supplement to, but not a replacement for, careful assessment of each patient, appropriate case formulation, ongoing monitoring of clinical status, and clinical judgment.

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Drug Type:Cocaine
Intervention Type:Psychosocial treatment method
Publisher:National Institute on Drug Abuse
Place of Publication:Bethesda, MD
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HJ Treatment method > Psychosocial treatment method

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