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National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2002) Therapeutic community. Bethesda, MD: National Institute on Drug Abuse. NIDA Research Report Series.

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Each year, therapeutic communities (TCs) serve tens of thousands of people with varying degrees of drug problems, many of whom also have complex social and psychological problems. Research supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has helped document the important role TCs serve in treating individuals with drug-related problems.

Further research is being conducted on the treatment processes in TCs to better understand how TCs work. Links between treatment elements, experiences, and outcomes need to be further studied to fully appreciate and enhance the con-tributions of TCs. NIDA's research program is currently focused on expanding our knowledge of the TC treatment process and improving our understanding of organizational and management strategies to deliver more effective and efficient treatment services.

This Research Report is one of several aimed at providing information on approaches and modalities used to prevent and treat drug abuse. Based on over 30 years of scientific inquiry and observation, this report addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about TCs. Federal and other national resources are listed at the end of the report.

It is hoped that this Research Report will help establish a common framework and understanding about TCs for health care providers, researchers, policymakers, and individuals and their families in need of treatment for drug-related problems.

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