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NIDA-SAMHSA Blending Initiative. [Addiction Technology Transfer Research Center] (2009) Buprenorphine treatment: a training for multidisciplinary addiction professionals.


Opioid abuse and addiction (e.g., heroin, OxyContin) remains a critical national public health concern.In 2002, tablet formulations of the medication Buprenorphine were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of opioid addiction.

In order to prepare the field to effectively integrated this new treatment, the Buprenorphine Treatment Blending Team developed an awareness training to disseminate information and enhance awareness among multidisciplinary (non-physician) addiction professionals about Buprenorphine treatment. This training is designed to provide a broad overview of the medication, its effects, and the role of non-physician practitioners in providing and supporting the treatment of individuals receiving this medication.

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AOD disorder treatment method
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NIDA-SAMHSA Blending Initiative
Material to download includes: trainers manual; presentation slides; annotated bibliography; Put Your Smack Down! (A video about Buprenorphine used in the training; [c] 2003 O.A.S.I.S.); and related articles.
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