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Sunday Independent. [Sunday Independent] Doctors warn of rise in substance abuse. (11 Jul 2010)


Up to 40 per cent of those presenting with psychiatric disorders are also abusing substances, and that figure rises to 60 per cent in the case of those who have committed suicide.

And doctors treating substance abuse addicts at Dublin's Rutland centre have discovered that those presenting for treatment for addiction are also experiencing depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

This, according to the Rutland's Centre's newly appointed clinical director, Dr Fiona Weldon, is "a reflection of the changing landscape in the use of mood-altering substances that have an impact on mental health, such as cocaine, hash and head-shop substances".

The Rutland Centre has also seen an increase in those presenting with co-existing mental health issues and eating disorders. As a result, Dr Weldon has launched two new programmes to meet the growing demand for services to deal with issues in the area of addiction and eating disorders.


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