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European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. (2010) EMCDDA manuals no 4. Prevention and evaluation resources kit (PERK). Luxembourg: The Publications Office of the European Union.

PDF (EMCDDA manual 4 prevention) - Published Version

This manual compiles basic but evidence-based prevention principles, planning rules and evaluation tips. Additionally, it provides related documentation or references for download; it is hoped that this additional material will be particularly useful for readers who have difficulty accessing the scientific prevention literature. To illustrate the theoretical discussion, an intervention example, partly based on a real-life situation, gives a practical perspective.

Table of contents
Step 1 ─ Needs assessment
Step 2a ─ Clarify goals and a working hypothesis
Step 2b ─ Define contents and objectives
Step 3 ─ Select strategies and delivery
Step 4 ─ Feasibility check
Step 5 ─ Implementation and process evaluation
Step 6 ─ Outcome evaluation
Step 7 — Wrap-up and conclusion

Additional online resources
Definitions in prevention and scope of PERK
Logic model
Step 1: Resources
Step 2a: Resources | Models and theories
Steb 2b: Resources | Theory
Step 3: Resources | Theory
Step 4: Resources
Step 5: Resources
Step 6: Resources
Step 7: Resources

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