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Moore, Joan (2010) From Drugnet Europe. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 32, Winter 2009, p. 26.

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Keeping pace with a shifting drug phenomenon

Cited from Drugnet Europe, No. 68, October–December 2009
'Effective and evidence-based policies are increasingly necessary as challenges in the drugs field grow ever more complex', said EMCDDA Director Wolfgang Götz, in his message launching the Annual report 2009: the state of the drugs problem in Europe. A common theme running through this year’s report is the need for our vision to keep pace with an ever-shifting drug phenomenon and that well-conceived interventions can deliver real benefits and value.
Highlighted in particular is Europe’s increasingly volatile synthetic drug market, where 'highly innovative' suppliers circumvent drug controls by offering alternatives to controlled drugs. While this practice is not new, what is new is the wide range of substances now on offer, the growing use of the Internet and the aggressive and sophisticated marketing of products. The difficulties of 'hitting a moving target' are described in the report. 

As regards the more traditionally used drugs, 'overall, we are not seeing major increases and, in some areas, trends appear to be downwards', said Götz. Indicators for amphetamine and ecstasy use, for example, still suggest an overall steady or declining situation. And, new data confirm a continued fall in cannabis use, particularly among young people. However, he added: 'cocaine and heroin continue to maintain a firm hold on Europe’s drug scene'. And polydrug use is now widespread in Europe, increasing risks and complicating the delivery of treatment.

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Issue 32, Winter 2009
18 January 2010
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Issue 32, Winter 2009
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