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McGuire, Vivion (2010) Coolmine launches three-year strategic plan. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 32, Winter 2009, p. 17.

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Coolmine Therapeutic Community (CTC) launched its strategic plan for 2009–2011 in September 2009.1 The plan was officially launched by John Curran TD, Minister for State with responsibility for drugs strategy. Coolmine Chief Executive Paul Conlon spoke of the challenges facing services providing drug treatment and rehabilitation.  

Recent developments in Coolmine reflect the community’s continuing commitment to the provision of a continuum of care, and to a vision of recovery which emphasises an enhanced quality of life rather than mere abstinence from drugs. The chief executive’s overview lists Coolmine’s achievements of note under the 2006–2008 strategy:
·         creation of formal client consultation and participation structures;
·         initiation of a stabilisation day programme for active drug users in partnership with other service providers;
·         establishment of clinical governance structures and procedures, including the creation of a limited detoxification service within its residential facilities;
·         provision of full-time staff cover in residential facilities;
·         reduction in the length of stay in all three residential facilities to an average of six months;
·         change of institutional culture and styles at Ashleigh Hose to reflect the fact that the facility caters for mothers and children;
·         provision of five community aftercare houses to facilitate clients who have completed primary treatment programmes;
·         establishment of a part–time career guidance and counselling service and enhanced use of the Community Employment scheme to benefit clients;
·         completed refurbishment of two of its main facilities and commencement of work on the third; and
·         creation of an improved fundraising strategy.
The new strategy identifies and links its two key objectives:
To consolidate and develop existing quality services
·         establish an advisory group to ensure clinical governance, ongoing training and best practice is achieved;
·         increase resources and training to ensure that existing programmes are accessible to a greater range of people;
·         develop a volunteer programme and foster stronger links with external service providers; and
·         develop strategic partnerships with a number of housing providers to ensure that clients have the best opportunities for accommodation.
To build a strong and sustainable organisation 
·         complete capital works;
·         improve internal communications structures, and implement an effective IT strategy;
·         develop an external communications strategy to raise Coolmine’s profile and to aid fundraising efforts; and
·         explore potential development opportunities at Coolmine Lodge site for housing units or a residential detoxification unit.
1. Coolmine Therapeutic Community (2009) Supporting people in changing times: strategic plan 2009 to 2011. Dublin: Coolmine Therapeutic Community. http://www.coolmine.ie/ 


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