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Rafferty, Martin (2007) Substance abuse / addictive behaviour, & the counsellors/ psychotherapists role. Irish Association of Alcohol and Addiction Counsellors, Newsletter , 37 , pp. 18-19.

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With the widespread availability of psychoactive substances such as tobacco, alcohol, illicit and prescribed drugs have had bio psycho social implications for the individual, family and our communities.

Ireland is no exception; Substance abuse has become a critical problem in Ireland across all segments of the population . It has no class, makes no distinctions, and extends its way across socio-economic, cultural, religious and ethnic boundaries. Its impact is felt in some way by all members of our society. One only has to look at the illicit drug market and the impact it is having on Irish life and society. Whether it be within the world of rival gangs killing each other or from the individual injecting a syringe, creating a fear that one day our own children will fall prey to the same faith.

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Date:February 2007
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