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Social Science and Politics Research Team. (2009) Spotlight: alcohol consumption and tackling misuse. Oireachtas Library and Research Service.

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Although alcohol is an important industry in Ireland and contributes economic benefits, this Spotlight has shown that the costs of alcohol related harm are substantial.

In examining the efficacy of different policy interventions for addressing misuse, this Spotlight has identified evidence that some measures are more responsive than others. Overall, it is suggested that interventions which increase the price of alcohol and those which reduce affordability and availability are the most effective in reducing consumption. Regulations in regard to drink-driving are also valuable.

By contrast, interventions focusing on promoting public health, enhancing education and controlling advertising show more mixed results. Measures that utilise the family provide some benefits for children and young people, especially if supported by other community programmes.

The Spotlight concludes that to tackle the misuse of alcohol, the evidence suggests a mix of interventions is required, each acting within an integrated approach.

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Publisher:Oireachtas Library and Research Service
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Notes:No 5, 2009
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