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Homeless Agency. (2008) The Homeless Agency annual report 2007. Dublin: Homeless Agency.

PDF (Homeless agency report 2007) - Published Version

The Homeless Agency Partnership was established as part of the government strategy on homelessness in 2001. The partnership is comprised of voluntary and statutory agencies, working together to implement agreed plans for the delivery of services to people who are experiencing homelessness, assisting them to move to appropriate long-term housing and independence. The Homeless Agency is responsible for the planning, coordination and administration of funding in relation to the provision of quality services to people who are homeless in the Dublin area, and for the development of responses to prevent homelessness.

This document outlines the work that has taken place during 2007 and progress of each core action, highlights from the work plan of the Homeless Agency executive and also an outline of the critical priorities for 2008. Significant successes that impacted on the delivery of homeless services for the future were achieved in 2007, including the development of the Care and Case Management Strategy, the roll out of the Holistic Needs Assessment and the preparation and foundations for Counted In, 2008, the periodic assessment from a weeklong survey of people experiencing homelessness in Dublin.

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