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Kidd, Martina (2009) Data co-ordination overview of drug misuse 2008. Waterford: Health Service Executive South.

PDF (Data co-ordination overview of drug misuse 2008.) - Published Version

This is the ninth edition of the Data Co-ordination Overview of data collected, collated and reported on from various statutory, voluntary and community agencies involved with substance misuse in the South East region.

This edition relates to information gathered for the year 2008. The 2008 report includes data collated for persons contacting the various services with substance misuse problems, concerned persons and data for treatment of other problems, e.g. gambling. In previous years data for concerned persons i.e. persons concerned about another’s drug, alcohol and or/gambling problem, gambling or other problems were collated under separate cover.

The pilot for the collection of data for those exiting from the treatment services under the National Drug Treatment Reporting System (N.D.T.R.S.) continued for another year in the South East and was rolled out nationally in 2009. In 2008 a number of the South East Regional Drug Task Force projects had their funding reduced resulting in some reduction of resources.

The Cornmarket Project in Wexford stated that it was not in a position to complete the data returns for the N.D.T.R.S. due to lack of resource as a result of a cut in it’s funding. Therefore there is only part reporting on this Project for 2008. There was full co-operation from all other agencies participating in the N.D.T.R.S.

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