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Van Hout, Marie Claire (2007) A community perspective of cocaine use in Ireland.- A brief exploratory study. Contemporary Drug Problems, 34, (1), pp. 103-111. https://doi.org/10.1177%2F009145090703400105.

Increases in cocaine use and seizures across Europe have been statistically visible in the last two decades (EMCDDA 2006). Irish drug treatment statistics indicate that while heroin remains the primary drug of misuse among drug users who seek treatment, available national and regional treatment figures suggest that cocaine is currently observed as a secondary drug of misuse (Health Service Executive 2006). Reports of an increased level of cocaine use in the Irish pub/dance and club scenes are linked to greater cocaine availability, decreasing price and increased social acceptance of cocaine use (Mayock 2001). As cocaine users can often continue to function normally in the face of increasing dependency and coupled with the lack of dedicated cocaine treatment services in Ireland, it is thought that mainstream treatment services may only be servicing the "tip of the iceberg." Against a background of increasing affluence in Irish society, the emergence of cocaine use among all social strata and location, increased cocaine seizures and heightened gang/drug related violence, this trend of cocaine use in Ireland is cause for concern from a public health and order perspective.

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