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Walsh, Simone and Lyons, Suzi (2008) HRB overview of suicide in Ireland. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 27, Autumn 2008, p. 22.

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This publication, the seventh in the HRB Overview Series, looks at the rates of self-harm and suicide in Ireland from 1864 to 2006, discusses possible motives for suicide and reviews prevention measures.1

 The author notes that suicide in Ireland has been greatly under-reported in the past, and that the recorded rate fluctuated widely in the period under review. The rate increased steadily between 1968 and 1989, and then accelerated to a peak in 1998, followed by a slow decline between 2001 and 2006.
According to the report, the incidence of suicide among Irish males is three to four times greater than that among females; this finding is in line with international research. Significant mental illness is a factor in a proportion of suicides. Alcohol consumption was found to have a link to suicide, with European research showing that as many as one in six suicides are alcohol-related.2 The author of this overview suggests that the control of alcohol-related problems may be the only evidence-based approach to the prevention of suicide and self-harm.
A full copy of the overview may be downloaded from the publications section of the HRB website at www.hrb.ie/publications. To request a hard copy of the report, email Fiona Bannon at fbannon@hrb.ie or by phoning +353 1 2345148.  
1. Walsh D (2008) Suicide, attempted suicide and prevention in Ireland and elsewhere,  HRB Overview Series 7. Dublin: Health Research Board..
2. Anderson P and Baumberg B (2006) Alcohol in Europe. London: Institute of Alcohol Studies.
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