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Mongan, Deirdre (2008) New alcohol advertising codes. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 26, Summer 2008, p. 10.

PDF (Drugnet Ireland, issue 26) - Published Version


The Government has announced its decision to strengthen the measures in place to control alcohol advertising.1 New advertising codes have been negotiated between the Department of Health and Children and representatives from the Irish alcohol and advertising industries. The purpose of these codes is to reduce the exposure of young people to alcohol advertising and marketing, and to limit the overall level of alcohol advertising and sponsorship across all Irish media. 
Under the new measures:
·       Alcohol advertising will not be permitted unless the relevant medium has an adult audience profile of greater than 75%, rather than 67% as currently applies.
·       Where alcohol advertising is permitted, it will be limited to no more than 25% of available space or time on any occasion.
·       No alcohol advertising slots or messages from sponsors before the normal ad breaks in sports programming (known as ‘stings’) will be allowed.
·       Breakfast-time television (6–10 am) will be treated as children’s viewing time and will not carry any alcohol advertising.
·       All alcohol advertisements must be vetted and carry the Central Copy Clearance Ireland (CCCI) stamp of approval before acceptance by any media.
·       A new consultative group will be established to advise and consult with the chairman of the Alcohol Marketing Communications Monitoring Body (AMCMB), which will allow a wider stakeholder involvement in the monitoring process.
The full text of the revised codes will be published shortly, and they will be operational by the summer.  They will be reviewed by the AMCMB, which will have responsibility for monitoring compliance with the new codes. (Deirdre Mongan)
1Department of Health and Children (2008) Minister Gallagher announces strengthened measures to control alcohol advertising.  Press release, 24 April. 

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