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Pike, Brigid (2008) Drug misuse and the family discussed at BIC meeting. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 25, Spring 2008, p. 9.

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Following its tenth Summit meeting, held in Dublin on 14 February 2008, the British–Irish Council (BIC) issued a communiqué regarding drug misuse and the family:

Misuse of drugs can have a devastating effect on the family. The Heads of Administrations discussed the importance of supporting families to overcome the problems they face and the role families can play in the rehabilitation process.

They reflected on the impacts of problem drug use on families and how these could be used in administrations’ development of their drugs and/or alcohol strategies. They discussed the need to further develop advice and guidance for families, and to improve support to families in dealing with drugs treatment and rehabilitation processes. They recognised the importance of strategies to reduce the potential harm to the children of problem drug users. The Council also considered ways to utilise the potential of families as agents for drug use recovery.

The Council agreed to include a renewed focus on the families of problem drug users in any future drugs strategies prepared, with a view to providing increased support to those families and to better harness their potential to facilitate life improvements for problem drug users.

For further information on the British–Irish Council and its work in the drug policy domain, visit www.british-irishcouncil.org.

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