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[Sunday Independent] , Sheehan, Maeve Register of drug dealers still not ready after two years. (17 May 2009)

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A Drug Offenders' Register intended to monitor drug dealers across the country has still not been set up more than two years after it was made law by former Justice Minister Michael McDowell. Garda sources said they are still "working" on the register even though judges have been ordering drug offenders to be listed on it for the past two years. The law obliging drug dealers and traffickers to sign up to a Drug Offenders Register on conviction or on their release from prison came into force in October in 2006.

The register was expected to operate in the same way as the sex offenders register, with gardai responsible for maintaining a database of offenders. Offenders are required to report their address and living arrangements so their movements can be monitored. Those who do not can be fined up to €3,000, imprisoned for up to 12 months, or both.


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Source:Sunday Independent
Date:17 May 2009
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