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Daly, Antoinette and Walsh, Dermot and Ward, Mark and Moran, Rosalyn (2006) Activities of Irish psychiatric units and hospitals 2005. Dublin: Health Research Board.

PDF (Activities of Irish psychiatric services 2005) - Published Version

This report presents data on all admissions to, discharges from and deaths in psychiatric in-patient facilities in Ireland in 2005. Data in this report was obtained from the National Psychiatric In-Patient Reporting System (NPIRS). Cross-sectional data is presented nationally, regionally (by HSE administrative area), locally (by county and by individual unit and hospital) and by hospital type. Rates reported throughout are per 100,000 of population aged 16 years and over.

Forty-three per cent of those admitted with alcoholic disorders, 25% of those with depressive disorders and 18% of those with schizophrenia were discharged within one week. Almost all discharges for alcoholic disorders (99%), depressive disorders (96%) and schizophrenia (86%) occurred within three months of admission.

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