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Comiskey, Catherine and Kelly, Paul and Stapleton, Robert (2008) ROSIE Findings 7: a summary of outcomes for the per-protocol population. Dublin: National Advisory Committee on Drugs.

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The Research Outcome Study in Ireland (ROSIE) is the first national, prospective, longitudinal, multi-site drug treatment outcome study in the country. The National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD) commissioned this research in 2002 as required by the National Drugs Strategy Action 99. The aim of the study was to recruit and follow opiate users entering treatment over a period of time documenting the changes observed.

The study recruited 404 opiate users entering treatment. Outcomes presented in this document are for the 289 individuals who completed all three interviews -baseline interview at intake and the follow-up interviews at 1-year and 3-years. Individuals who complete all planned aspects of a study are defined as the per-protocol group. An analysis of the data from the per-protocol group provides insights into experiences between 1 and 3 years post treatment intake.

Outcomes for the per-protocol group at intake, 1-year and 3-years for drug use, involvement in crime, injecting-related behaviour, physical and mental health and social functioning are presented in this paper. Statistically significant differences are given emphasis in this document.

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