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Kelly, Colette and Fitzpatrick, Cliona and Nic Gabhainn, Saoirse (2009) Substance use in new communities: a way forward. Galway: Western Region Drugs Task Force. Series 3.

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Ireland is an established host country for migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers from around the world with a high proportion migrating to the west of Ireland. Such new communities have brought a diverse range of cultural practices and customs to the western region and require a host community that is culturally sensitive to meet their needs. The Western Region Drugs Taskforce (WRDTF) recognises these new communities and thus their role in assessing needs around the prevention and treatment of substance use.

This document presents an overview of the new communities in the west of Ireland; selects the largest new communities in the west of Ireland and describes substance use in their countries of origin; explores substance use in Ireland in general and among new communities in Ireland, with a focus on the west of Ireland; and reviews the risk factors for substance use in new communities. The final sections outline the barriers to effective service utilisation and possible service level responses, including recommendations for relevant service provision to and with members of new communities in the west.

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