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Long, Jean (2004) Hepatitis C becomes a notifiable disease. Drugnet Ireland , Issue 10, March 2004 , p. 9.

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Important changes to infectious legislation were introduced on 1 January 2004.  The report, Review of Notifiable Diseases and the Process of Notification  1recommended these changes.  The Infectious Disease Regulations 1981 were amended to establish a revised list of notifiable diseases and, for the first time, their causative pathogen.2    As part of the revised legislation, laboratory directors as well as clinicians are required to report the named notifiable diseases.  Hepatitis C is now specified as a notifiable disease.  The changes to the list of notifiable diseases are consistent with a European Commission Decision on communicable diseases.3 

Complete information is available on the National Disease Surveillance website at www.ndsc.ie.  See the Changes to Notification of Infectious Diseases section of the site at www.ndsc.ie/IDStatistics/ChangestoNotificationofInfectiousDiseases/

1. Notifiable Diseases Sub-Committee of the Scientific Advisory Committee, National Disease Surveillance Centre (2001) Review of Notifiable Diseases and the Process of Notification. Dublin, National Disease Surveillance Centre. This report is available on on the NDSC web site at www.ndsc.ie/IDStatistics/ChangestoNotificationofInfectiousDiseases/IDfinal.pdf 

2. Infectious Diseases (Amendment)(No.3)  Regulations (2003) Statutory Instrument No. 707/1998, Dublin: Stationery Office.

3. Commission Decision of 22 December 1999 on the communicable diseases to be progressively covered by the Community network under Decision No 2119/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (notified under document number C(1999) 4015)

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