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Keane, Martin (2006) Hyper - a voice for young people affected by drugs. Drugnet Ireland , Issue 17, Spring 2006 , p. 16.

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Issue eleven of the magazine, Hyper, was recently published by Soilse, a Health Service Executive Addiction Rehabilitation and Training Centre in Dublin's north inner city. Participants in Soilse seeking to move beyond their experiences of drug misuse produce the magazine. A total of 17 participants contributed to the current issue, with personal biographical sketches from their experiences of drug misuse and recovery. Feature articles include an examination of the implications of solvent misuse, a personal account of living with HIV, and a piece about the challenges and pitfalls of the early days in recovery from drug misuse. Personal stories include an account of coming off methadone, surviving a suicide attempt, a reflection on life's journey and a thoughtful letter written by one participant to himself, to be opened in twenty years’ time. A short account of living with addiction, told through the eyes of a family member, and a profile of an innovative peer-education project in Dublin's north inner city are also given coverage. Information on where to contact drug treatment centres, including needle exchanges, is provided.

Hyper was formally launched following an evaluation of the pilot phase in 2000. The evaluation by Donoghue (2000)1 reported that service users and staff were enthusiastic about the initiative, with service users reporting that working on the production of the magazine held many benefits for them and was a key activity in their overall programme of recovery. Participants expressed a deep sense of pride in having their work published and read by other interested parties. It was felt that the magazine could serve as a vehicle of status enhancement for participants in the eyes of their families and communities. Hyper won the Total Publishing Award 2002 (UK) for design innovation of the year.

1. Donoghue B (2000) Hyper: A report on the pilot phase of the programme. Dublin: Soilse, Northern Area Health Board.

Copies of Hyper can be obtained from Soilse, at 01 8724535 or

The complete series is available in hard copy in the National Documentation Centre on Drug Use.


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Issue 17, Spring 2006
January 2006
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p. 16
Health Research Board
Issue 17, Spring 2006
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