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Long, Jean (2005) Emergency services can now administer naloxone. Drugnet Ireland , Issue 16, Winter 2005 , p. 4.

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On 9 August 2005, the minister of state at the Department of Health and Children introduced a new Statutory Instrument known as the ‘Medical Products (Prescription and Control of Supply) (Amendment) Regulations 2005’.1 These regulations permit the supply of a number of medicinal products (including naloxone, for the management of respiratory depression secondary to a known or suspected narcotic overdose) to pre-hospital emergency care providers. This medication can be administered by advanced paramedics in accordance with clinical procedure guidelines or following a medical practitioner’s instruction. In addition, emergency technicians may administer naloxone in accordance with a medical practitioner’s instruction. This will improve the speed of response to narcotic overdoses and may prevent deaths due to overdose of opiate-type drugs. 

1. Statutory Instrument No. 510 of 2005. Medicinal Products (Prescription and Control of Supply) (Amendment) Regulations 2005. Dublin: Stationery Office.

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Issue Title:Issue 16, Winter 2005
Date:October 2005
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Publisher:Health Research Board
Volume:Issue 16, Winter 2005
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