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Long, Jean (2005) Update on drug-related infectious diseases. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 13, Spring 2005, p. 11.

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The National Disease Surveillance Centre (NDSC) monitors a number of infectious diseases in Ireland, of which three can be transmitted through injecting drug use. The organisation published its annual report for 2003 in November 2004.

The data on HIV in Ireland in 2003 were reported in Drugnet Ireland, Issue 12. There were 547 cases of viral hepatitis type B notified in 2003; this is an increase of 19 per cent on the 2002 figure. Up to 2004, hepatitis C was not a notifiable disease but could be reported as ‘viral hepatitis, type unspecified’. There were 85 cases of viral hepatitis, type unspecified, notified in 2003, of which 91 per cent were identified as hepatitis C. There is little information available on risk groups or sources of infection, therefore the reported incidence of hepatitis B and hepatitis C among injecting drug users in 2003 cannot be determined. Information on risk factors is required in order to plan interventions to control and manage these infections. Furthermore, the incidence of hepatitis B and hepatitis C among injecting drug users is one of the key indicators on drug use monitored by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). At present it is not possible for Ireland to comply with this key indicator.

1. National Disease Surveillance Centre (2004) Annual Report 2003. Dublin: NDSC.

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