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[Sunday Independent] Revealed: the shocking drink and drugs truth. (10 Feb 2008)


One in five Irish drinkers want to cut back on their consumption of alcohol and nearly 10 per cent are so worried they want to banish drink from their lives for good, a Millward Brown IMS National Opinion Poll has found. The landmark poll designed to chart how we feel about our lives in 2008, found that personal concern about alcohol consumption is even higher among 18 to 24-year-olds.

The findings are a stark message to Government that severe measures are needed to stem alcohol abuse. The Institute of Public Health has already called for more limits on the availability of alcohol. In its submission to the Government's Alcohol Advisory Group, the institute called for an end to special promotions by supermarkets and laws on the minimum pricing of alcohol. They want rules banning drinks promotions in off-licences to be extended to supermarkets and for more to be done to stop teenagers under-18 being sold alcohol. The Millward Brown IMS Poll carried out two weeks ago to measure changing attitudes in Irish society also shows a significant shift in our social mores.

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