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[EMCDDA] Council asks EMCDDA to assess risks of BZP. (24 Mar 2007)

External website: http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/index.cfm?fuseaction=p...

Europe has responded to rising concern over the use of the stimulant drug BZP by formally requesting an investigation into the health and social risks of the substance. The decision was announced by the Council of the EU today in line with a special legal procedure designed to respond to potentially threatening new psychoactive drugs in the EU

The risk-assessment exercise, which will result in a report by mid-June, will be undertaken by the Scientific Committee of the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA), with participation of additional experts from the European Commission, Europol and the European Medicines Agency (EMEA). The exercise is part of a three-step procedure: information exchange, risk assessment and decision-making (e.g. legal controls).

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