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Millar, Sean (2022) Tabor Group annual report, 2020. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 80, Winter 2022, p.32.

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The Tabor Group is a provider of residential addiction treatment services in Ireland. It aims to offer hope, healing, and recovery to clients suffering from addictions through integrated and caring services. In addition to two residential facilities, the organisation provides a continuing care programme to clients who have completed treatment in order to assist with their recovery as well as a community-based programme. Its family support programme offers counselling to families whose loved ones are struggling with an addiction. In 2021, the Tabor Group published its annual report for 2020.1 This article highlights services provided by the Tabor Group to individuals with a substance use addiction in 2020.

Tabor Lodge: residential addiction treatment centre

Tabor Lodge is a residential addiction treatment centre for the treatment of people addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and food. It is situated 15 miles south of Cork city. Tabor Lodge is guided by the Minnesota Model of addiction treatment in delivering its treatment programme. This model is characterised by the understanding that addiction is primarily a substance use disorder. The primary focus of the treatment programme is to educate clients on the dynamics of this disorder as they manifest in the life of the individual. Another important focus of the treatment programme is to assist clients develop the skills necessary to manage their disorder while going forward in their lives.

A total of 149 clients (67% male) were admitted to Tabor Lodge for residential treatment of addiction in 2020; 55% were aged between 25 and 44 years and 40% were employed. Sixty-two per cent of clients admitted to Tabor Lodge reported alcohol as their main reason for referral. The report noted that 26% of clients cited cocaine as their specific drug of choice, an increase of 7% compared with 2019.

Tabor Fellowship: integrated recovery programme

Tabor Fellowship is located at Spur Hill in Doughcloyne on the outskirts of Cork city. Its integrated recovery programme is based on the Hazelden Minnesota Model and promotes total abstinence. The aim is to build on and consolidate the work of recovery already begun in primary treatment – even if that treatment was not in the recent past and the client is struggling to maintain sobriety.

In 2020, some 76 clients (70% male) were admitted to Tabor Fellowship for extended treatment; 42% were aged between 25 and 34 years and 18% of those treated were homeless. The report observed that the specific drug of choice of those admitted to Tabor Fellowship in 2020 were alcohol (89%), cannabis (57%), and cocaine (54%).

1 Tabor Group (2021) Tabor Group annual report 2020. Cork: Tabor Group. https://www.drugsandalcohol.ie/34276/

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