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Ireland. Department of Justice. (2021) Drogheda report implementation plan. Dublin: Department of Justice.

PDF (Drogheda report implementation plan)

The Drogheda Scoping Exercise was commissioned by the Minister for Justice in 2020 in response to rising concerns regarding crime and fear of crime in Drogheda. The scoping exercise was to assess the current issues on the ground, exploring the relevant challenges as well as local strengths and resources, identifying measures that could be taken to improve the situation and others that could chart a path to improved community wellbeing and related outcomes in and around Drogheda. The recommendations in the report fall under two general headings:
(1) the need for improved interagency cooperation in the administration and delivery of services in Drogheda, and
(2) the need to resource services or provide additional services in the area.

Since the publication of the report, the Department of Justice has engaged with relevant Government Departments and agencies and Louth County Council to develop an action plan to implement the recommendations contained in the report. A number of recommendations have been actioned and work was ongoing which will deliver on a range of the recommendations contained in the report or on elements of those recommendations. Where such activity has been reported by a relevant body, it is reflected in the Action Plan under ‘current status’. Where further steps are required, these are also set out with timelines and responsible body also indicated. This Plan is a living document that will be updated on a regular basis. Where new actions or activities are advised that support the implementation of this Plan, they will be added. Such reviews will be conducted on a quarterly basis and the progress reports produced twice yearly.

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