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Robinson, Eve and Thornton, Lelia and Migone, Chantal (2017) Tackling a silent killer through screening. Forum , 34 , (11) , pp. 46-48.

In Ireland there are between 20,100 and 42,000 people with HCV infection, 60% of whom are are as yet undiagnosed.
New national clinical guidelines on hepatitis C screening was developed to make recommendations on who should be screened for HCV and how that screening should be done.

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Publisher:Irish College of General Practitioners
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Subjects:G Health and disease > Disorder by cause > Communicable disease > Hepatitis C
HA Screening, identification, and diagnostic method > Medical screening and diagnostic method
MA-ML Social science, culture and community > Sociocultural discrimination concepts > Minority group (racial group, immigrant, Traveller)
T Demographic characteristics > Person who uses substances (user)
T Demographic characteristics > Person who injects drugs (Intravenous / injecting)
T Demographic characteristics > Homeless person
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland

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