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Ward, Mark [Alcohol Concern] . (2016) Outreach to chronic problem drinkers: the service user view. London: Alcohol Concern. 14 p.

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For the last three years Nottinghamshire Healthcare has been running the Alcohol Long Term Conditions (LTC) team. This service operates an outreach focused approach to chronic problem drinkers who are placing a significant burden on the community. The service was positively evaluated by Alcohol Concern in 2015 and flagged as a model of national good practice with chronic problem drinkers. In particular, the evaluation identified how
the team understood and applied the assertive outreach model.

The aim of this report is to understand outreach from the service users’ viewpoint. It asks the simple question: what do those on the receiving end of outreach find useful? It is hoped that this will help the development of outreach teams nationally.

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