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[irishhealth.com] Alcohol-related crime a major problem. (15 Nov 2011)

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The true extent of alcohol-related violence and intimidation has been revealed in startling new research.

According to a survey commissioned by the charity, Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI), half of people say they have experienced some type of alcohol-related intimidation, threat or violence during the last 12 months, while almost one in 10 claim that they, or a family member, has actually been assaulted by a drunk person in the last year.

However, in the case of assaults, half of people said that they had not reported the crime to the Gardai.

Just over 1,000 people aged 16 and older were surveyed, with almost half of these admitting that they had gone out of their way to avoid drunk people or places where drinkers were known to hang out.

The survey also revealed that:
-Almost one in five people had felt unsafe while waiting for, or using, public transport because of other people's drinking-related behaviour
-At least one in 10 had been verbally abused by someone under the influence of drink
-At least one in 10 had been in what they classed a ‘serious argument' because of someone else's drinking.


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