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[Sunday Independent] , Cusack, Jim Gardai demand more protection when on the beat. (06 Mar 2011)

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Writing in Garda Review magazine, the Garda Representative Association (GRA) wrote: "In other jurisdictions, police would not hesitate to draw a firearm and discharge a warning shot, before using it to prevent the escape. They would be fully supported by their laws... our laws are out of balance and favour criminals. As gardai, we demand legislation that protects us in the course of our duty."

Last week, long-serving gardai said they hoped the rumoured incoming government's public service redundancies would be introduced so they could leave.

One added: "The government and public will reap what they sow. They have ruined this job. All these new regulations and procedures. What were we doing wrong years ago when we were solving crime and there was none of these gangs? They laugh at us in the street now."

In addition, young gardai are being encouraged to arrest and charge young people in possession of tiny amounts of cannabis, and addicts.

Older gardai say this is an indication of a force losing its way and turning against the public it is supposed to serve.


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