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The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. [The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland] New codeine guidance now in force – Pharmacy Regulator. (01 Aug 2010)

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The PSI (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland), the pharmacy regulator, has stated that from today all pharmacists and retail pharmacy businesses (pharmacies) must comply in full with its guidance on the safe supply of codeine medicines.

PSI Head of Communications Kate O’Flaherty said it was important that members of the public receive the professional expertise and advice of a pharmacist in order to use these medicines safely and properly.

“Members of the public who need advice about pain management or who feel they may be experiencing side-effects or other problems from their use of painkillers containing codeine should seek the advice and assistance of their pharmacist. It is the clear expectation of the regulator that it will be a pharmacist who personally conducts the consultation with any patient seeking advice about codeine medicines, and who makes the professional judgement and decision as to what is the most appropriate treatment or advice for the patient. This may be what painkiller or other medicine is most suitable - which will in some cases be a codeine medicine. Or it may be whether the patient needs referral to a GP or other healthcare professional or if there is any other specific advice or information that they require.”

The guidance is to ensure compliance with new regulations under the Pharmacy Act 2007 and with the Code of Conduct for pharmacists which places the patient as the primary concern of a pharmacist. From today, August 1, all pharmacists and pharmacies must be consistent in their approach and practice to this important patient safety issue.

Non-prescription medicines containing codeine are available in Ireland in pharmacies only.


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